Testimonial from a dentist I helped recently. He had developed 6 months ago an issue with giving injections and holding onto the drill without his hands shaking violently. Read what he wrote me:

Kenda – Greetings. Things are really going well here, we have resolved the shaky hand syndrome completely. I don’t even think about it anymore other than to stop and think that I am not thinking about it. I am able to see patients both early morning and late afternoon with no issues. As you were suggesting, it was just a self-confidence issue that cropped up and needed to be dealt with. Thank you for that, I still listen to the recording 3-4 times every week and it sure seems to relax me. I know we were debating whether we should have two sessions or three sessions but I really feel I am back to 100% so don’t feel I would need to return for a third visit. Hope all is well with you and please contact me if you have any questions.