When you look at this picture, what are you noticing? This is a very powerful pic. When I saw it I started thinking about how stress affects people.

Are you someone who eats when you are stressed? Are you someone who has little interest in food when you are stressed?

When you look at the pic below. what do you think each of these gals is thinking? Do you know what they are going through on the inside? – there is so much we don’t know and can’t control. But there is one thing that we can control – and that is ourselves.

Hypnosis is a tool that can help is so many ways. It is not just for entertainment – there is plenty of science evidence based research on what it is, how it works and why it works. If you want it too.

Hypnosis can only work if there is a agreed upon collaboration between the client and the hypnotist.

When everything is in place, hypnosis works very quickly to create shifts in the way a person thinks or behaves.

Often within one or two sessions people can make incredible changes. Are you ready? Is it time to heal? After-all once this pandemic resolves itself there is going to be a great need for healing.

Be well, stay healthy!

Change your Mind ~ Change your Life.

Kenda Summers, the Hypnotherapist of choice for people seeking a better life today!