It’s easy to go for that bag of chips when we’re stressed and not think much of it. But emotional eating can be a serious problem.

If you could stop emotional eating today, what difference would it make to your life?

You might wonder how you got into this situation. You know in your head, that the best thing to do when you’re hungry is to eat.

It’s how we survive. But you also know that eating when you’re not actually hungry is a recipe for discomfort, guilt, damaged self-esteem and, of course, weight gain.

Sometimes, when we feel frustrated, instead of dealing with the issue itself, we head for the kitchen for some comfort food.

We know the comfort that comes from eating when we’re hungry. Then, without really thinking too hard about it, we make that ‘eating comfort’ substitute our emotional need. And we eat.

We’re tackling the wrong problem, and then feeling guilty for ‘eating our emotions’. You realize it, but you can’t stop.

Hypnosis can help you change these unhealthy habits.

You can even lose weight and maintain a healthier life style by breaking the pattern where it started – in your unconscious mind.

Your mind will be clearer and your emotions calmer. You’ll learn ways to change negative experiences, and separate emotional and physical needs. Treat your emotional needs in more satisfying and healthy ways, and eat healthier every day.

Gain more confidence and love yourself more, instead of feeling guilty because of emotional eating.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, lets discuss your needs.

Be Well, Stay Healthy

Change your Mind ~ Change your Life.

Kenda Summers, the Hypnotherapist of choice for people seeking a better life today!