Does being up high make you feel anxious and scared?

Do you feel like this fear holds you back from enjoying certain parts of life?

Thanks to our survival instinct, we are “pre-programmed” to be wary of heights.

However, this response to being up high can become a full-blown phobia.

Even when you know you’re safe, your fear becomes an obstacle, and even climbing a ladder can seem impossible.

The fear of heights is very common.

But does it make your hear race, make you feel dizzy or nauseous or sometimes even faint?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were free from your fear of heights… if you could look down from tall buildings, talk scenic walks up hills, mountains and beautiful cliff-top scenery… walk on high ledges, climb ladders, walk over narrow bridges… if you could bungee jump, or even sky dive! With hypnosis, I can help you experience more life, enjoyment and excitement!

Hypnosis is such a powerful, natural way of overcoming fears. This is because your fears exists within your mind. Yes, your phobia is real, but it shouldn’t make you feel ill and overwhelmed.

It is actually very EASY for hypnosis to access your mind and change the way you think towards heights. Gain control over your emotional mind! Feel calm and stop panicking when you have to “deal with” heights instead of avoiding those situations.

Change your Mind ~ Change your Life.

Kenda Summers, the Hypnotherapist of choice for people seeking a better life today!