Hi, my name is Suzanne B. and I saw Kenda for 1 session to quit smoking and it worked! I had been smoking a pack a day from well a very long time! I would highly recommend seeing Kenda for your needs as she is amazing and even though I was nervous about the hypnosis, it was comfortable and it worked very well.  I am still a non-smoker almost a month now!

I am super proud of Suzanne. She was so incredibly nervous to come see me. I remember her saying that she had to drive around the parking lot 3 times before she came in to see me. We got down to business right away. And she left a non-smoker.

I always tell people, I dont do anything special, they do all the work, I am merely their guide.

If stopping smoking is something you would like to achieve, you can email or call me for a consultation. ksummers@hypnotism.com or 815.747.6954 ask for Kenda.

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