When we utilize hypnosis to help us reach our weight loss goals we actually become more empowered as we make that shift from having food control us to being the ones in control of what we eat and what we walk away from. Sometimes when we overeat and stop caring about our health there is an emotional response in our minds that we are satisfying. Our minds have convinced us that food will comfort us. We are also a society addicted to sugar and carbs – they are everywhere. Sugar gives us an unhealthy temporary high, but what goes up must come down. And eventually we crash. Hypnosis will get rid of unhealthy cravings as you drop those extra pounds and reprogram your unconscious mind with new healthy thoughts which will give you new positive associations that can help you achieve and maintain long term weight loss goals. We offer two programs for weight loss. The Virtual Gastric Band Program a 4 session program and a popular 3 session program where you will learn to eat less, exercise more and substitute pop for water. Lets discuss your needs so I can suggest which program is right for you. Hypnosis is proudly a legal stand alone alternative wellness profession and is not a licensed healing arts modality. Hypnosis has been safely and effectively used for hundreds of years. It is recognized, and used by The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA).