Hi Kenda.

It’s been 2 months since we talked, I’m struggling to find the words to explain how much I’m enjoying this journey. For the past 9.5 years, I’ve lived from moment to moment, usually on high alert to avoid the feelings and reactions that control where I go, what I do, who I am. Everyday revolved around how affected I was by everything around me, never knowing which combination would push me over the limit. The various things I stumbled upon to help me cope either weren’t portable, or were not practical.

I felt so empowered when I followed your instructions the first evening and was able to walk through 20 people milling in the school parking lot, cars moving; noise. I even had a car horn go off 15 feet away from me and never even flinched. As I experiment with the hypnosis, not only am I amazed, but family and close friends are almost speechless. I’ve had great days, even weeks in the past when I felt this way. Usually a change in medication was close, but the feeling was short lived, and duplication wouldn’t work. The frustration, this roller coaster ride created affected not only myself, but also those around me. I learned it was best to keep it to myself and save folks from some of that wild ride.

Being able to feel good on my own, by my own control, seems like a dream. Since I saw you, I’ve attended a family reunion, my grandson’s birthday, eaten in a restaurant 8 times, attended a couple of cookouts, and have seen the joy in the faces of people close to me. Things that never happened before.

As I resist discussing what’s going on, I can’t help dreaming of things to come, rediscovering who I am, finding a logical path out of the shadows. What FUN!

I hope with this letter I was able to give you a sense of how life changing this feels. I’m actually looking forward to Thanksgiving this year!


I received this wonderful letter from a client I saw over the summer. This fellow had some brain tumors and during surgery suffered a stroke and his entire life changed in an instant. He was not able to leave his house or be comfortable around people. He saw a stage show performed by a mutual friend. As he watched the show he wondered if hypnotism could help him with the issues he was having. He came to see me and the rest is history.