I had a really interesting client yesterday afternoon. He was a friend of a friend of mine. He came to see me with an inability to cope with any kind of external stimulation. He saw my friends stage show, he saw people doing things on stage and thought to himself, I wonder if I can be hypnotized to do things that right now I cannot do. To be honest I was taken back by how bad he was. He sat in the waiting room, speaking with another girl who was waiting to see my collegue. I had to go to my office and wait for him because having two people in the same room was too much for him. He walked into my office and threw himself down on the floor and proceeded to tell him about his case. He had a tumor removed from his brain several years ago and during the operation he suffered a small stroke. And although alive, has many many limiting factors that keep him from functioning in the real world. I had to turn off the lights in my office, turn off the music, white noise machine. I sat on the floor with him and we talked. Every time the air conditioner started up he would not be able to handle it and would throw himself to the floor. I was not sure how things would go between us, but decided to give it my best shot, I saw him being healed as he demonstrated to me that if he held onto a piece of paper as it was attached to my cabinet, he was able to slow his brain down, be calm and relaxed and speak in a slow normal manner and be still. It was incredible. So I taught him self-hypnosis. I was going to make him a download as well. And he was to go home and see how he could utilize these new strategies. He called me last night and reported that he was able to go out for two walks. And for the first time, he was able to do things that he could never do before. 

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