Well Thanksgiving is over and Christmas will soon be here. And things are hopping at Hypnotic Solutions. Weight Loss seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Here are some myths regarding weight loss ~ Supplements can help you lose weight: The weight loss industry is huge. Lots of supplements out there all claiming to be the answer to your prayers. Do not be fooled. “Eat less, exercise more” maybe ignored advice but portion control and increased physical activity is inherently practical. And some great advice: Never diet, instead simply switch to making healthier choices. Drink more water than anything else, especially before meals and bedtime. Eat your food at a slower pace, chew deliberately and taste thoroughly. Spicy foods are also known to boost metabolism and slightly reduce appetite. Diets often fail because people rely on sheer determination and will power, but through hypnosis we can change all of that. Call today and get started. We have several programs that you can  utilize to get healthy and stay healthy. There is no better day than now to make a change. Change your mind, change your life.

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