I am seeing quite a few people at Hypnotic Solutions who have gone to a group session for weight loss or smoking cessation; and they often tell me that they did not have success in reaching their goal through the group environment. And wanted to know what the difference was in seeing me in person vs attending a much cheaper group session.

First off I want to say that not all group sessions are created equal. Some group sessions are wonderful with knowledgeable hypnotists that are able to do a really good job and people do have success. Then there are other group sessions that I am just not a fan of to be perfectly honest and I will tell you why.

The one thing that I pride myself on is being able to help people reach their goals using hypnosis and the power of their subconscious minds. I do not sell vitamins or supplements to assist them in the process. WHY? Well I will be quite frank with you, I am not a nutritionist nor do I pretend to know about that world. But what I do know is hypnosis. And I know that you do not need to be sold supplements or vitamins to assist you on this journey.

Out of curiosity I went and attended one of those group sessions that roll in and out of town. The presenter did not know that I was a hypnotist. He started out with a group session. And after the session the sell came on. And the push for the supplements started. I am from Canada and in Canada you cannot just decide one day that you are going to create a supplement, smack a label on it and begin to sell it to the public. That industry is regulated by the government and it would be illegal to do what this chap was doing.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can help people change their lives. It is the primary way to make changes at the subconscious level – and will remain as such, in my opinion anyways.


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