For as long as I can remember, anxiety has played a major role in my life’s path. Fear of flying was huge for me, so when I applied for a job promotion, I asked them at every interview if I would have to fly. Their answer was always no. I got the promotion and two weeks into the position, I was told I would have to fly from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to Calgary,Alberta to attend some training with co-workers from across the country, stay overnight and return to Ottawa the next day. What an adventure – all paid for and there I was, terrified. I had worked hard for this promotion and I was tired of being held back by my anxiety. If I was going to concur this fear of flying, I only had four weeks to do it. Self-doubt, panic attacks and no sleep started immediately, but I wanted this opportunity. I had worked with Kenda back-in-the-day and we had stayed in touch. I had tried hypnosis long ago and it had not been successful – a trip to the pharmacy got me on the plane that time. I had seen testimonials from people Kenda had helped and knew I had to reach out to her. One email later we scheduled an initial Skype meeting and she was more than confident that she could help me. Her words resonated with me especially when she told me – You’ve Got This! She gave me resources to work with until our full hypnotic session two days before my flight. I slept like a baby the night before the flight. When I got to the airport, it was like I was standing in line for an ice cream. The anxiety was no longer there – I was excited and I was doing what I wanted to do. Thank you Kenda for opening the door to adventure – I’ve got this, I want this, Barbados is next (well maybe not next, but at least it’s in the future). M.B.

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