The Blue Plate.

Why am I posting a pic of this Blue Plate? Any guesses? It plays an interesting role in weight loss. You already know that if you choose a smaller plate to eat off of, you end up eating less. But here is something that you may not know, something oh so easy to implement. New research has shown that people will eat less food when there is a higher contrast in color between the food they are about to eat, and the plate they are eating off of.

Did you ever notice that in a restaurant they are always serving you off of a white plate. The food blends in. But if you choose a blue plate the color blue helps to suppress your appetite. Your brain disassociates a blue plate with cravings.

The only blue foods found in nature are blueberries, so when we see blue, our brains are not as hungry and we end up eating less.

PS – Worst colors for weight loss? Red and Yellow – Golden Arches, McDonald’s! (marketing genius)  Red and yellow are colors that have been proven to spike appetites.

So go out today and buy yourself a blue plate. The more blue you can surround yourself with the less you will end up eating at meal time.