I recently had an incredible session with a client that I need to tell you about. This gentleman came to see me for help with chronic depression and anxiety. He was locked in a world of sadness. Work, home, bed, work, home, bed. Repeat. Day after day, night after night. He had a family, a wife and a son, but could not enjoy them. This gentlemen came to see me at Hypnotic Solutions, my office in Dubuque, Iowa. And I can honestly say, he left a different man than the one who walked through my door.

Please read his testimonial below:

After years of suffering with depression and being on various medications that basically kept me functional (but not happy) I decided to seek out other avenues. All the medications had undesirable side effects and only worked for several months before I had to change medications or increase the dosage. I was at the end of my rope. I tried acupuncture which provided no real results. After some research I learned about hypnotherapy. After one session with Kenda my life turned around! Before hypnotherapy I was sad, unmotivated, apathetic, tired, full of regrets, cranky, detached, and extremely anxious about my future. Kenda taught me not only how to rid myself of depression, but how to deal with depressive feelings when they return as well. I continue to listen to a self-hypnosis recording she prepared specifically for me which allows me to relax and continue to rid myself of depression. Before I found Hypnotic Solutions I was wasting my life away. I couldn’t get much accomplished at work and feared I might lose my job. I isolated myself from everyone I know including my wife and kids; we just didn’t have the connection we once had. Even though she knew I was depressed, I didn’t even want to talk about it with my wife; I don’t think she realized how depressed I was. I didn’t want to do anything I had previously enjoyed. All I wanted to do was stay home. I stopped posting on social media, contacting friends, and even answering phone calls. After a while my friends stopped calling me because I never wanted to do anything. I’m sure people think I am lazy, negative, or even stuck up because I have disappeared from public view. I never told anyone about my condition due to the stigma that goes along with mental illness. But now my life is changing for the better every day. I still have work to do, but I feel like I’m finally finished with that vile chapter of my life. IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED LOOK INTO HYPNOTHERAPY. Your insurance may not pay for it, but IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY to get your life back and is not as expensive as I expected. For years I have been putting on my “happy face” to mask my depression the best I could. Now I don’t need the mask; I have an actual happy face!

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