It is funny some of the things that people ask me to do once we are finished with their session and we are chit chatting casually. The question I have been asked more than once is, can you hypnotize pets, in particular my dog? Well here is the answer:

  1. Create a calm environment for the pet /dog, a place where they will be comfortable and not distracted . Much like what I do with my clients during a session.
  2. Gently pet the dog, this will establish trust and a connection.
  3. It is ok to talk to you pet, tell them they are good, speak soothing words to them. You can also play soothing, calming music in the background.
  4. Now at his point the pet may appear to be hypnotized. But wait there’s more. If you turn the dog over onto their back and stoke their tummies till their limbs go limp you are taking them down to a deeper level of trance.
  5.  So what does a dog look like when they are hypnotized? They will be perfectly still and limp, you should be able to release them from their position and they will remain like this. Pet their faces, speak softly to them.
  6. You may be sitting there wondering why would I do this to a dog? Well did you know that Hypnosis can be a huge stress reliever to a dog, go ahead try it. I mean after all cant we all use a little less stress in our lives?