Good morning Sunshine.?
Well my 27 days listening to my hypnosis from you has gone better than my wildest dreams.
After two decades of totally being addicted to diet Mountain Dew and compulsive eating, I can honestly and gratefully tell you the morning after I was hypnotized by you, I no longer had any interest in Diet Mountain Dew, and my compulsion to eat uncontrollably was gone. POOF!
I do not understand how this could happen, and I am so grateful to B.H. in Freeport for contacting you and making it all possible for me, and for all the other ladies in our group in Freeport. It’s not even the fact, that I have lost seven pounds, it’s more the fact that I feel so happy and I feel so alive and mostly I feel so free from everything that had control over my life and over me. Words cannot express how this has changed my life in less than 30 days. I have been on a couple prescriptions, and I believe in June I will no longer have to be on those prescriptions any longer and I have discussed this with my Doctor.
I wake up happy everyday, I feel so light , and I feel mostly grateful that even at 55 years old I have been given a new lease on life and a new start at being healthy which is the best gift anybody could receive.
I know my sister, is coming to see you later on this afternoon , and I’m confident that you can help her stop her addiction to cigarettes and I truly believe in my heart, in my soul , and in my mind, that she will be able to stop smoking and anything else she needs hypnotized for.
Kenda, I really had no idea how sugar and my obsession with food controlled my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a blessing not only to me but I am sure too many many many other people you have helped throughout the years. You have helped me find my smile again ?
I have not felt this well in many years. Picture me now, I’m skipping around like a happy school girl.
I plan on continuing to listen to you each night before I go to sleep as I have been doing the past 26 nights , I am more calm and I sleep so much better also.
I don’t know if you can help me with the Insight of how being hypnotized broke this addiction for me? But if you could email me back it might help put my mind at ease on how in the world could this be so easy? After struggling for so many years and spending so much money on diet and exercise programs and plans. I sure would appreciate hearing from you.
Sincerely J.W.


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