Two programs to choose from

3 session program

3 session program where you will eat less, drink more water, and exercise. (Good for those looking to shed 25 lbs or less)

4 session program

And our most popular 4 session program the Virtual Gastric Band. A non-surgical technique that uses the power of your mind to retrain you to be satisfied on smaller portions. The Virtual Gastric Band is similar to ‘initiating a switch in the brain that changes a person’s attitude towards food and helps them regain control over cravings and bad habits.

Kenda Summers

The Hypnotherapist of choice for people seeking a better life.

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After just 1 session with Kenda I have stopped drinking pop all together, she just told me to cut back because there is nothing you can’t have or need to cut out completely. The only thing I want to drink is water, I’m drinking over 150 ounces of water per day – it is the craziest thing! I’m eating the small portions she advised and do not feel hungry at all. The feeling of fullness after eating a dessert size plate of food for my meals is unbelievable. The weight is coming off and I feel great! I quit taking the elevator at work and no longer look for that close parking spot in parking lots. My motivation and dedication to make this change is helping but what Kenda has done for me is amazing, thank you so much!
– K.M.

Well Kenda, I haven’t had a pop in 67 days and still have no desire for one. I track my water on my Fitbit, still drinking between 90-200 oz of water a day – can’t be in the car without water or a ball game (crazy!). Only using the steps at work and taking those parking spots in back of lots still (kids hating it!) As of Friday I was down 20 pounds!!! Love the way I’m looking and when you get complements from others it makes you feel great! My girls are like, this is not cool mom – we can’t wear the same size, we might have to get hypnotized to lose weight. I said not happening, you girls have 7-10 inches on me – we can be the same “size”. We still go out to eat quite a bit but I have picked different restaurants with better choices and share a meal with one of the kids or take lots of left overs home! The full feeling is still there every day, so awesome!!!
– J.C.


  • Weight Loss Program : Using Hypnosis to get rid of weight is an easy way to ditch those pounds to the curb once and for all. This program is tailored for those wanting to get rid of 25 pounds or less. You will learn to push your plate away once you have eaten about half of the food that is on it. You will drink more water – stop drinking pop. Be much more aware of sugar and carbs, and get the motivation to exercise and move. Imagine never having to go on a Diet again, eat what you normally would eat, but just eat less of it. No more calorie counting. But it is important to watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Once things are well under way, this program also allows a cheat day, so that once a week you can enjoy those naughty foods, but the next day you get right back on the wagon again. After all we must live and enjoy life!
  • Gastric Band : The Virtual Gastric Band is a 4 session program. We will meet once a week for 4 weeks. These four sessions will bring about a permanent change in the way you think about, and choose food. Virtually you will undergo the Gastric Band Operation. And that little band placed around the upper portion of your stomach will reduce the amount of food you take in at any given time. It works every day, no matter where you are. This is a potentially life-changing treatment and not a four-week, temporary fix. The average cost to have gastric band surgery is 35k, and there is no guarantee with that investment. And often the psychological reason why people overeat is never dealt with, that is why this program works so well. This is not a diet. This program is designed to change how you think about food by making small, realistic changes that you can actually live with as you lose weight steadily in a healthy, safe manner.