Are you frustrated with the current trends being offered out there? Are you dieting and not having any success. The weight loss industry is growing. And so is America’s waistline. Currently, more than one in three American adults over 20 is obese — up from roughly one in four 20 years ago — and nearly 70% are overweight. Weight loss is a enormous industry. It’s estimated that Americans spend over $60 billion on weight loss products every year.

Hypnotic Solutions is proud to be able to offer to the Mid West, and more specifically Dubuque, Iowa the Virtual Gastric Band program. The VGB program came about from a colleague of ours located in the UK. As a result of a free trial she conducted. This trial proved successful for 24 of the 25 individuals. The group lost over 196 pounds in 3 weeks.

The expected average weight loss is 7 pounds in the first week and 1 – 2 pounds after that.

We are actually hoping the medical practitioners actually take this program on so that more people can benefit by from it.

The one thing I want to emphasize is that while all of this sounds good it is not a guarantee. We simply cannot guarantee human behavior. But this program is proving to be highly successful. Losing weight is a total life style change. There is no magic pill to make this happen.

I want to say something about diets – conscious self-denial of something can often increase the desire for that very thing, and eating a little less than we need – but eating anything we want – can actually lead to weight loss. Cutting out our favorite foods completely is a bad idea, but cutting down on those foods is achievable and sustainable.

Everyone knows that eating less and exercising more will lead to a better body-shape, improved fitness and all-round health. But are you aware of the 80/20 rule? Weight loss is 80 percent food and 20 percent exercise. What this means is your food intake is substantially more important than how much you exercise. This program employs a virtual gastric band and other mind management techniques, and is most definitely NOT a diet. It enables clients to form new habits that they can maintain; there is no deprivation and thus clients are liberated from having to think about food all the time; they eat consciously, and are able to listen to what their stomachs are telling them. The result is steady, progressive weight loss – without dieting.

This is how the process works. We will do four sessions. One a week. The four sessions should bring about a permanent change in the way that you think about food. After the four weeks, if at any point it feels necessary to do a top-up session, we can do that for a reduced price. You need someone to get you to where you want to be and stay there.

The program includes four one-hour sessions, personalized to you as an individual; you will receive a support MP3 that you should listen to every day, and, at the end of the program, you will also receive a MP3 that is personalized to you individually. This is a potentially life-changing treatment and not a four-week, temporary fix. The average cost to have gastric band surgery is 23k, and there is no guarantee with that investment. I personally know 2 individuals that paid to have the GB surgery done, and in both their cases, they are bigger than they ever were. Reason being, there is more to the operation than shrinking the stomach. There is a psychological aspect. This is where we need to dig in deep and change the way we feel about food, now and forever, otherwise no matter what we do, we will end up having the same results. This program is not a diet, is cost effective, there is no invasive surgery and zero complications. This program is designed to change how you think about food by making small, realistic changes that you can actually live with. I use the power of Hypnosis to convince your brain that your stomach is full after you eat the appropriate amount, and that there is no need for excess food.

Not everyone is a match for this program, as it is not a snap your fingers see the results type of platform. There is hard work, dedication and commitment needed from you.

Currently we are working with a young lady and she has lost 15 pounds to date, we just finished up our 3rd session. She is doing very well, and actually just got back from a cruise, and gained no weight. She enjoyed herself, had desert only once, never ate beyond her comfort zone. And if you have been on any cruises, most people will tell you that they add 10 pounds to their weight.

We can offer you a break on the price if you know of some friends that would like to join you on this journey.