Hi Kenda, Just wanted you to know I have been doing well. I have not had any carbs, sugar, pop since last tues. I am down 10 pounds on my scale since I weighed last tues on my home scale. I have confidence that I can keep going and continue so I can get healthy. I have not taken any short acting insulin since last tues. I have cut the amount of long acting insulin in half , I take that once daily at night. I have an apt with my dr. this week and I am sure he will be pleased. I feel like you have given me a tool to use that helps me help myself.  Thank you!! – J.F.

I went to see Kenda Summers at Hypnotic Solutions because a friend of mine recommended hypnosis for anxiety and stress so when I heard we had someone in Dubuque who did this I was anxious to give it a try.

The sessions were above my expectations. I felt very calm and relaxed afterward. Kenda gave me a hypnosis recording to listen to and several things to work on and try when I feel stressed.

She is very knowledgeable and has a very calming demeanor and voice.

I feel it has helped me immensely and I would recommend trying it. – S.S.

I found Hypnotic Solutions on an online search for hypnotherapists in the Tri-State area of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois. Her website was informative and inviting. I almost felt like I knew Kenda Summers already and had not met her.

You see I suffered a traumatic and life changing event over a year ago and had been suffering from its affects. I had tried clinical psychology counseling which helped some.
I began to read self-help books. In several of the books hypnotherapy was recommended so when I found a resource close to my home I decided to try it.

After two sessions I felt a relief from my symptoms. There was never a time that I was uncomfortable or fearful during our time together.

Today I am able to function emotionally and socially better than before the hypnotherapy sessions. I accept and understand that time will be the determinant as to if and when I will need more therapy. But for now I am “unstuck” and able to find more joy in life. I was dealing with grief and fear from my trauma.

I would highly recommend Hypnotic Solutions and Kenda Summers as a professional therapist.

Hi Kenda.
It’s been 2 months since we talked, I’m struggling to find the words to explain how much I’m enjoying this journey. For the past 9.5 years, I’ve lived from moment to moment, usually on high alert to avoid the feelings and reactions that control where I go, what I do, who I am. Everyday revolved around how affected I was by everything around me, never knowing which combination would push me over the limit. The various things I stumbled upon to help me cope either weren’t portable, or were not practical.
I felt so empowered when I followed your instructions the first evening and was able to walk through 20 people milling in the school parking lot, cars moving; noise. I even had a car horn go off 15 feet away from me and never even flinched. As I experiment with the hypnosis, not only am I amazed, but family and close friends are almost speechless. I’ve had great days, even weeks in the past when I felt this way. Usually a change in medication was close, but the feeling was short lived, and duplication wouldn’t work. The frustration, this roller coaster ride created affected not only myself, but also those around me. I learned it was best to keep it to myself and save folks from some of that wild ride.
Being able to feel good on my own, by my own control, seems like a dream. Since I saw you, I’ve attended a family reunion, my grandson’s birthday, eaten in a restaurant 8 times, attended a couple of cookouts, and have seen the joy in the faces of people close to me. Things that never happened before.
As I resist discussing what’s going on, I can’t help dreaming of things to come, rediscovering who I am, finding a logical path out of the shadows. What FUN!
I hope with this letter I was able to give you a sense of how life changing this feels. I’m actually looking forward to Thanksgiving this year! THANK YOU!

I went to Kenda to try the VGB weight loss program. I have drank diet mountain dew around the clock for years, I overeat and hate water. I don’t want to be 40 and fat this year… I have no control over the 40 part so I wanted to do something about my weight now! I wanted to look and feel better but needed help and I have found it!
– J.C.

After just 1 session with Kenda I have stopped drinking pop all together, she just told me to cut back because there is nothing you can’t have or need to cut out completely. The only thing I want to drink is water, I’m drinking over 150 ounces of water per day – it is the craziest thing! I’m eating the small portions she advised and do not feel hungry at all. The feeling of fullness after eating a dessert size plate of food for my meals is unbelievable. The weight is coming off and I feel great! I quit taking the elevator at work and no longer look for that close parking spot in parking lots. My motivation and dedication to make this change is helping but what Kenda has done for me is amazing, thank you so much!
–  K.M.

Today I am celebrating 7 year’s nicotine free. My lungs Thank you Kenda Summers. You will never realize how important you are to me. I can walk upstairs without trying to catch my breath. I will get to enjoy my family even longer. God willing for a very long time. My children and grandchildren get to have me in their lives because of you. Whether Tim likes it or not he will have me for much longer as well. Lol
THANK YOU with all my heart!
– J.B.S.

Very accommodating to arrange, and after four sessions left a life-long foundation for a healthy life style including diet and exercise. Thank you!
– B.T.

I highly recommend trusting Kenda Summers to help you overcome any struggles. We went through many years of wetting accidents with our 10 year old son, nothing help him overcome these accidents until he was treated with hypnotherapy at Hypnotic Solutions. We went through positive reinforcement, charts and stickers, bed-wetting alarm, specialists, and even medication. Nothing worked. One session with Kenda and nightly use of an MP3 she created for us changed our lives! I even took a self hypnosis class from her to learn how to incorporate meditation into my daily life for my own health benefits! Amazing stuff! She is very gentle, caring and highly professional.
– D.H.

For as long as I can remember, anxiety has played a major role in my life’s path. Fear of flying was huge for me, so when I applied for a job promotion, I asked them at every interview if I would have to fly. Their answer was always no. I got the promotion and two weeks into the position, I was told I would have to fly from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to Calgary,Alberta to attend some training with co-workers from across the country, stay overnight and return to Ottawa the next day. What an adventure – all paid for and there I was, terrified. I had worked hard for this promotion and I was tired of being held back by my anxiety. If I was going to concur this fear of flying, I only had four weeks to do it. Self-doubt, panic attacks and no sleep started immediately, but I wanted this opportunity. I had worked with Kenda back-in-the-day and we had stayed in touch. I had tried hypnosis long ago and it had not been successful – a trip to the pharmacy got me on the plane that time. I had seen testimonials from people Kenda had helped and knew I had to reach out to her. One email later we scheduled an initial Skype meeting and she was more than confident that she could help me. Her words resonated with me especially when she told me – You’ve Got This! She gave me resources to work with until our full hypnotic session two days before my flight. I slept like a baby the night before the flight. When I got to the airport, it was like I was standing in line for an ice cream. The anxiety was no longer there – I was excited and I was doing what I wanted to do. Thank you Kenda for opening the door to adventure – I’ve got this, I want this, Barbados is next (well maybe not next, but at least it’s in the future).
– M.B.

When I found out I was expecting our first child I needed a fast, natural way to kick the smoking habit goodbye. I wanted a Hypnotist in Dubuque and Hypnotic Solutions came highly recommended to me by a friend and I’m forever grateful. I haven’t had cravings, anxiety, or unwanted side effects. Which made giving up smoking so much easier and less stressful than other methods of cessation. I would highly recommend hypnosis to anyone who asks. Thank you Kenda. My growing family and I are truly blessed to have met you.
– B.T.

Kenda, THANK YOU…so much for your amazing talent. It’s only been 1 week and I can already see such a difference. 10 lbs down.. and many of my bad habits are curbed or almost gone. One being the huge amount of dt soda I was drinking..for Years!!! 10+ cans a day now, I’m down to almost none… In just the 1st week!! I would of thought it would of taken much..much longer. I feel better inside and out. And it’s EASY!!!! I’m so excited to see what is in store for me. Watch out.. the new me is on the way!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again..[/porto_testimonial]

[porto_testimonial name=”S.B.” role=”Customer” label=””]Well Kenda.. On my way home I started to feel anxiety before I even saw the bridge.. I used my fingers with my happy image in my mind. What happened next amazes me.. I started to smile and giggled to myself. I felt a such a sense of calm. Thank you so much.. normally I would have had to pull over, roll all of my windows down and tell myself I would be ok before I could attempt to go across with trembling hands & knees. I’m so thankful relief is in the works, I think an angel sent you my way.
– J.V.

I heard about Kenda on the radio last year about the same time I was dreading my upcoming 40th birthday. I wanted to look & feel better since I couldn’t do anything about my age 🙂 I’m a very busy mother of 4, always on the go and eat out a lot. I went in with an open mind and believed this would work even though I have never been hypnotized before. I had a terrible habit of drinking pop around the clock, Kenda did not tell me I had to quit but that I should cut back, told me how good water was (which I have always hated) and only water would quench my thirst. That has worked like a charm – I haven’t had a pop or urge to have one in over 9 months!! I drink water all day long and can’t leave the house without it…….crazy!!!! I was hypnotized by Kenda 3 times in April of 2016, one on one. In the 1st week I lost 7 pounds and it kept coming off. I didn’t have to start any crazy workout routine or join a gym. I quit taking the elevator at work and parked further away from the front door when I went anywhere. I also bought a fit bit One to make me aware of how many steps and stairs I do, how I was sleeping, how much water I was drinking……that was the extent of me “exercising”! My goal was to lose 30 pounds and I have made it to 24. There is nothing I can’t eat, all about how much and listening to your body when it’s full. I’m sure I would lose those last 6 pounds if I listened to the MP3 hypnotic recording she sent me………but like I said, mother of 4, work full time, involved in everything and never home I haven’t found the time yet! I would suggest Kenda to anyone looking to lose weight……it really works!
– J.C.

Well Kenda, I haven’t had a pop in 67 days and still have no desire for one. I track my water on my Fitbit, still drinking between 90-200 oz of water a day – can’t be in the car without water or a ball game (crazy!). Only using the steps at work and taking those parking spots in back of lots still (kids hating it!) As of Friday I was down 20 pounds!!! Love the way I’m looking and when you get complements from others it makes you feel great! My girls are like, this is not cool mom – we can’t wear the same size, we might have to get hypnotized to lose weight. I said not happening, you girls have 7-10 inches on me – we can be the same “size”. We still go out to eat quite a bit but I have picked different restaurants with better choices and share a meal with one of the kids or take lots of left overs home! The full feeling is still there every day, so awesome!!!
– J.C.

For the last 30+ yrs, when it came to the water I was unapproachable.  I had been held under the water when I was young and because of that, you could not be within arms distance of me without me having a panic attack or bolting out of the water,if I was in water where my feet were not planted or were I felt I did not have control. I Love the water, but I would have anxiety attacks and take in water. I could not go in the water without holding my nose, and I never would go in above my waist. I go to the Wisconsin Dells, every summer with Family. I’m the adult at the end of the wave pool with the little kids. This year it was going to be different.  I made an appointment, and came and saw Kenda on Friday before I went there. I was in her office approxiamately 1hr.  I came out feeling happy.  Certain things would keep repeating in my head, and I felt like I was free from my stresses. I got to see first hand how much fun the water really was.  I spent the entire weekend in the water.  No anxiety or panic attacks, and was able to go into the deep end with other people right next to me, at one point my fiance even let me wrap my legs around him.   I went under the water without plugging my nose, and I am so happy.  To you this may seem silly, but I am 44yrs old, and for me to relearn swimming and being comfortable with the entire process is so exciting.  I will continue to grow on this, to get back to swimming like a fish. Thank you Kenda,  you have given me back my child hood.
– L.M.