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Today I am celebrating 7 year’s nicotine free. My lungs Thank you Kenda Summers. You will never realize how important you are to me. I can walk upstairs without trying to catch my breath. I will get to enjoy my family even longer. God willing for a very long time. My children and grandchildren get to have me in their lives because of you. Whether Tim likes it or not he will have me for much longer as well. Lol THANK YOU with all my heart!
– J.B.S.


  • Hypnotic Solutions located in Dubuque, Iowa is the place to go where we help people overcome everyday difficulties using the power of their unconscious mind. We ensure our clients confidentiality, and relaxation in our beautiful refined setting.
  • Hypnotic Solutions Center can help with a whole range of issues such as: Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Equestrian Enhancement, Stress Management, Pain Management, Apprehensions or Fears, Sleep Improvement, Public Speaking, Business Improvement, Academic and Test Improvement, Sports Improvement, Self Confidence Unwanted Habits Self Hypnosis Pre and Post Surgery Fears Migraine Headaches and MUCH MORE!