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One Session with Kenda Summers

Sometimes it only takes 1 session. We will discuss your goals and past challenges and success’s. Your program will be positive and goal orientated to achieve the results you came in for.

Two Session Program with Kenda Summers

When you need more than 1 session, but less than 3 – this program will be your perfect fit. You will be taught some powerful tools that you can do anytime, anywhere that will assist your unconscious mind to change its pattern and programs so that you are in charge.

Three Session Program with Kenda Summers

This is my most popular program. This program allows us plenty of time to be efficient and acquire complete success. Sometimes people don’t need all three visits, the last session doesn’t have to be used right away, it can be banked. This program includes a recording to assist you with reaching your full potential.

VGB Program with Kenda Summers

This program is a drug-free, non-surgical weight loss solution! It has been designed to change how you feel about food by making small, realistic changes that you can live with. It is NOT a diet. 95% success rate. Includes two hypnotic recordings. This is a life-changing program that changes the way you behave and think when around food.

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