Is it time to Kick the Can to the curb? Regular pop and diet pop – they are both very dangerous to your health. Consuming only one 12-ounce can of diet soda per day increased risk of lymphoma and myeloma (cancer of blood plasma), the
Every January, I feel like I’m looking at an ocean of endless possibilities. Because with the New Year we have 365 days to make a change. Because life has so much in store for those that are willing to envision a new them. By tapping
Testimonial from a dentist I helped recently. He had developed 6 months ago an issue with giving injections and holding onto the drill without his hands shaking violently. Read what he wrote me: Kenda – Greetings. Things are really going well here, we have resolved
Well folks, we can no longer deny it. The Holidays are here. And with the holidays come, parties, get together’s, and food – oh so much food. People will ask me when is the best time to start their weight loss hypnosis sessions. And my