Silence the negative messages in your mind and focus on the positive ones. Enjoy the simple things in life. Hypnosis is great because it allows you to see your problems from a different perspective. During the hypnotic state, your consciousness is no longer affected by
It’s easy to go for that bag of chips when we’re stressed and not think much of it. But emotional eating can be a serious problem. If you could stop emotional eating today, what difference would it make to your life? You might wonder how
Are you wanting to boost your selling skills? Selling can be tough. Anybody working in sales know the bad days from the good days. On the good days, everything goes great. It’s easy to say the right things, get the rapport going, choose just the
What is binge drinking? According to government guidelines, binge drinking is classed as drinking a large amount of alcohol in a short amount of time. Your drinking habits have built up over time, and you have many associations with drinking such as having fun, celebrating,
Do you regularly impulse buy things you don’t need? You don’t really need all that stuff you unexpectedly see at the checkout counter… Do you sometimes wonder why it is so hard to save money? What if something comes up that you need right away