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Kenda Summers

Kenda Summers was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, but was quickly drawn to the beauty of the Midwest.  4 years ago she moved here and resides in IL and operates an office in Dubuque, Iowa, part of Plaza 20. She became Certified in 2006, started performing Stage Hypnosis in 2008, and became a mentalist in 2016. She loves everything to do with the mind and is a Certified Master Hypnotist as well as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

As a stage hypnotist, she has appeared all over North America performing her hypnosis and mentalism  show including Las Vegas. She enjoys traveling, and performing with Stelly her Goldendoodle Pup. Stelly often comes to the office and helps out with the sessions. With her easy going comfortable energy, she is a great asset to 1st time clients who have anxiety. She always tell people she has the best job in the world. Her passion is with helping people get unstuck and enable them to reach their goals using the power of their unconscious mind.

Kenda Summers is also an Author and Pet Loss Grief Specialist - she specialzes in helping people overcome grief from the loss of their beloved pet using hypnosis. 

Kenda is Certified in Professional Hypnosis:

International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists
National Guild of Hypnotists
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
14+ Years of Professional Experience.
Author of Healing Solutions for Pet Loss

Jim Wand

Jim Wand has been involved in the field of hypnosis for almost 30 years as a clinical hypnotist and a very successful stage performer.  Jim Wand is the founder and owner of Wand Enterprises, The Hypnosis Agency.  Jim Wand has over 10,000 professional engagements to his credit and is considered to be one of the most professional hypnotic entertainers in the world today. Early in his career he operated a successful hypnosis clinic for 10+ years in the Dubuque land area. Jim is happy to be able to get back to his roots - helping people overcome obstacles in their life.

Jim is Certified With:

National Guild of Hypnotists
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

He specializes in weight loss, smoking cessation, sports improvement and numerous other areas of self improvement.

He specializes in weight loss, smoking cessation, sports improvement and numerous other areas of self improvement.

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I highly recommend trusting Kenda Summers to help you overcome any struggles. We went through many years of wetting accidents with our 10 year old son, nothing help him overcome these accidents until he was treated with hypnotherapy at Hypnotic Solutions. We went through positive reinforcement, charts and stickers, bed-wetting alarm, specialists, and even medication. Nothing worked. One session with Kenda and nightly use of an MP3 she created for us changed our lives! I even took a self hypnosis class from her to learn how to incorporate meditation into my daily life for my own health benefits! Amazing stuff! She is very gentle, caring and highly professional.


Today I am celebrating 7 year’s nicotine free. My lungs Thank you Kenda Summers. You will never realize how important you are to me. I can walk upstairs without trying to catch my breath. I will get to enjoy my family even longer. God willing for a very long time. My children and grandchildren get to have me in their lives because of you. Whether Tim likes it or not he will have me for much longer as well. Lol


Kenda, THANK YOU…so much for your amazing talent. It’s only been 1 week and I can already see such a difference. 10 lbs down.. and many of my bad habits are curbed or almost gone. One being the huge amount of dt soda I was drinking..for Years!!! 10+ cans a day now, I’m down to almost none… In just the 1st week!! I would of thought it would of taken much..much longer. I feel better inside and out. And it’s EASY!!!! I’m so excited to see what is in store for me. Watch out.. the new me is on the way!!! You are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again..


Well Kenda.. On my way home I started to feel anxiety before I even saw the bridge.. I used my fingers with my happy image in my mind. What happened next amazes me.. I started to smile and giggled to myself. I felt a such a sense of calm. Thank you so much.. normally I would have had to pull over, roll all of my windows down and tell myself I would be ok before I could attempt to go across with trembling hands & knees. I’m so thankful relief is in the works, I think an angel sent you my way.


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