Group Hypnosis sessions vs Individual Hypnosis sessions in Dubuque Iowa

I am seeing quite a few people at Hypnotic Solutions who have gone to a group session for weight loss or smoking cessation; and they often tell me that they did not have success in reaching their goal through the group environment. And wanted to know what the difference was in seeing me in person vs attending a much cheaper group session.

First off I want to say that not all group sessions are created equal. Some group sessions are wonderful with knowledgeable hypnotists that are able to do a really good job and people do have success. Then there are other group sessions that I am just not a fan of to be perfectly honest and I will tell you why.

The one thing that I pride myself on is being able to help people reach their goals using hypnosis and the power of their subconscious minds. I do not sell vitamins or supplements to assist them in the process. WHY? Well I will be quite frank with you, I am not a nutritionist nor do I pretend to know about that world. But what I do know is hypnosis. And I know that you do not need to be sold supplements or vitamins to assist you on this journey.

Out of curiosity I went and attended one of those group sessions that roll in and out of town. The presenter did not know that I was a hypnotist. He started out with a group session. And after the session the sell came on. And the push for the supplements started. I am from Canada and in Canada you cannot just decide one day that you are going to create a supplement, smack a label on it and begin to sell it to the public. That industry is regulated by the government and it would be illegal to do what this chap was doing.

Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that can help people change their lives. It is the primary way to make changes at the subconscious level – and will remain as such, in my opinion anyways.


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Depression Breakthrough in Dubuque using Hypnosis

I recently had an incredible session with a client that I need to tell you about. This gentleman came to see me for help with chronic depression and anxiety. He was locked in a world of sadness. Work, home, bed, work, home, bed. Repeat. Day after day, night after night. He had a family, a wife and a son, but could not enjoy them. This gentlemen came to see me at Hypnotic Solutions, my office in Dubuque, Iowa. And I can honestly say, he left a different man than the one who walked through my door.

Please read his testimonial below:

After years of suffering with depression and being on various medications that basically kept me functional (but not happy) I decided to seek out other avenues. All the medications had undesirable side effects and only worked for several months before I had to change medications or increase the dosage. I was at the end of my rope. I tried acupuncture which provided no real results. After some research I learned about hypnotherapy. After one session with Kenda my life turned around! Before hypnotherapy I was sad, unmotivated, apathetic, tired, full of regrets, cranky, detached, and extremely anxious about my future. Kenda taught me not only how to rid myself of depression, but how to deal with depressive feelings when they return as well. I continue to listen to a self-hypnosis recording she prepared specifically for me which allows me to relax and continue to rid myself of depression. Before I found Hypnotic Solutions I was wasting my life away. I couldn’t get much accomplished at work and feared I might lose my job. I isolated myself from everyone I know including my wife and kids; we just didn’t have the connection we once had. Even though she knew I was depressed, I didn’t even want to talk about it with my wife; I don’t think she realized how depressed I was. I didn’t want to do anything I had previously enjoyed. All I wanted to do was stay home. I stopped posting on social media, contacting friends, and even answering phone calls. After a while my friends stopped calling me because I never wanted to do anything. I’m sure people think I am lazy, negative, or even stuck up because I have disappeared from public view. I never told anyone about my condition due to the stigma that goes along with mental illness. But now my life is changing for the better every day. I still have work to do, but I feel like I’m finally finished with that vile chapter of my life. IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED LOOK INTO HYPNOTHERAPY. Your insurance may not pay for it, but IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY to get your life back and is not as expensive as I expected. For years I have been putting on my “happy face” to mask my depression the best I could. Now I don’t need the mask; I have an actual happy face!

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Your Iowa and Illinois Hypnotist. Where Kenda Summers can help you overcome obstacles using the power of your subconscious mind!



Testimonial from a client / Bed Wetting

I highly recommend trusting Kenda Summers as your Dubuque Hypnotist to help you overcome any struggles. We went through many years of wedding accidents with our 10 year old son, nothing help him overcome these accidents until he was treated with hypnotherapy at Hypnotic Solutions located in Plaza 20 in Dubuque Iowa. We went through positive reinforcement, charts and stickers, bed wetting alarm, specialists, and even medication. Nothing worked. One session with Kenda and nightly use of an MP3 she created for us changed our lives! I even took a self hypnosis class from her to learn how to incorporate meditation into my daily life for my own health benefits! Amazing stuff! She is very gentle, caring and highly professional.

Are you afraid to fly?

For as long as I can remember, anxiety has played a major role in my life’s path. Fear of flying was huge for me, so when I applied for a job promotion, I asked them at every interview if I would have to fly. Their answer was always no. I got the promotion and two weeks into the position, I was told I would have to fly from Ottawa, Ontario Canada to Calgary,Alberta to attend some training with co-workers from across the country, stay overnight and return to Ottawa the next day. What an adventure – all paid for and there I was, terrified. I had worked hard for this promotion and I was tired of being held back by my anxiety. If I was going to concur this fear of flying, I only had four weeks to do it. Self-doubt, panic attacks and no sleep started immediately, but I wanted this opportunity. I had worked with Kenda back-in-the-day and we had stayed in touch. I had tried hypnosis long ago and it had not been successful – a trip to the pharmacy got me on the plane that time. I had seen testimonials from people Kenda had helped and knew I had to reach out to her. One email later we scheduled an initial Skype meeting and she was more than confident that she could help me. Her words resonated with me especially when she told me – You’ve Got This! She gave me resources to work with until our full hypnotic session two days before my flight. I slept like a baby the night before the flight. When I got to the airport, it was like I was standing in line for an ice cream. The anxiety was no longer there – I was excited and I was doing what I wanted to do. Thank you Kenda for opening the door to adventure – I’ve got this, I want this, Barbados is next (well maybe not next, but at least it’s in the future). M.B.

Last night!

I had such a great session the other evening, with a new client. I have to say it is people like him that show me the reason why I am doing what I am doing. I watched as this man changed before my eyes. He came in as one person, defeated, sad, not liking who he was. And left as another. More confident, walked straighter, huge smile on his face, truly happy for the first time in a very very long time. I know this gentleman will only go up even higher than he already is. WHY, you may ask? Well its not because of any special words that I know how to say, I act merely as the guide during a session. It is because it was a WANT of his to change.                                                                         Photo credit: Henry Matthiessen III


New Years Resolutions ~ how they working for you?


So, I just gotta ask the question. How are those New Years resolutions coming along?  Everyone knows that the start of a New Year is the perfect time to make that fresh start. But why do so many people fail to keep those resolutions? The first two weeks usually go perfect, but by February people are backsliding.

Did you know a lot of people think that if they stop smoking, loose those excess pounds, actually use that treadmill they have in their home, start eating better, that their entire life will change? And when it doesn’t change they get discouraged and easily fall back into their old habits.

Making resolutions involves changing behavior. In order to change something as important as a habit or create a new routine you need to get down into the unconscious mind in order  to rewire the brain so to speak.

The only way you can reach the subconscious mind is through hypnosis.

Change your mind, Change your life.


People and Dogs and what we eat!!!


I was watching a really interesting TED talk. Why Don’t Dogs Live Forever? Rodney Habib. If you have the time give it a watch

What I found most interesting about it was what Rodney discovered when he started to research on how he could help his Dog overcome cancer. And his research led him to what we as people need to do as well. Incorporate better healthier foods into our digestive system. Get away from the processed quick grab stuff they buy on the shelf and go back to the way our grandparents cooked.


Holiday Inn Dubuque – March 25, 2017 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Join Me!

I am excited to be part of this Event. Fun and shopping will come together at the PPES Women’s Expo. Whether you’re a woman who enjoys Networking, Laughing, Competing, Shopping, Eating, Drinking, Playing – or all of the above – the PPES Women’s Expo offers a variety of fun activities for everyone—Guaranteed!
I will have a booth and be participating in 2 talks. More information will be released as it becomes available. Stay tuned.
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Gift Certificates

People are asking if they can get a gift certificate for their loved one for Christmas from Hypnotic Solutions! Yes, yes yes!!!!  🙂

Give the gift of health to the ones you love the most.

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